Training Unit

RCMD’s training unit targets building capacities of parties involved in conflicts through empowering them with necessary skills for dialogue, and creating a negotiation agenda, as well as spreading the culture of conflict transformation in the Egyptian society, which in turn strengthens the culture of peace and finding common grounds among conflicting parties.

In this context, RCMD initiated conflict transformation schools, targeting the following:

-Spreading the culture of dialogue and coexistence among community individuals

-Building bridges of communication and common understanding among different parties in the community

– Developing management skills

-Building participants’ analytical skills regarding dealing with problems and community resources

-Strengthening young people capacities in mediation and negotiation fields, as well as communication skills

-Building trust and team spirit between participants

– Adopting participatory approach in dealing with community problems. In this context, the Regional Centre for Mediation and Dialogue has held a summer school in August 2014 in Ismailia.

The training process is based on informal education, which is an interactive methodology that includes wide participation through working groups, psychodrama, role-playing activities and artistic and social activities.

In this case, working groups are the basis of the training process, which goes along with activities, educational games and group discussion.

Schools conducted by RCMD are:


Tanaghom Online School for Dialogue and Coexistence

Regional Summer School ‘Tanaghom’ for Conflict Transformation in Bangkok 

Summer School for Conflict Resolution, Cairo University 

Winter School for Dialogue and Co-existence in Cairo 

Summer School for Dialogue and Co-existence in Ismailia