Regional Summer School ‘Tanaghom’ for Conflict Transformation in Bangkok

The Regional Center for Mediation and Dialogue (RCMD) held a regional summer school ‘Tanaghom’ for conflict transformation in Bangkok, Thailand on August 21, 2016, hosting 22 participants from different countries in the MENA region.
The school that was held jointly with the Asian Resource Foundation (ARF) has discussed different topics and provided the participants with different tools and approaches for conflict transformation that they can implement in their respective communities.
Throughout 10 days, the school aimed at achieving diversity of objectives, among which were, building strong team spirit, developing common analysis of number of conflicts and generating ideas to address them; and improving the skills of the participants to analyze and deal with conflicts.
The school also aimed at imparting understanding of different tools and approaches to deal with conflicts (negotiation, mediation, early warning and rapid response mechanisms), along with designing initiatives using all tools learned during the school when they are back to their local communities.
Twenty two Participants from Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, and Iraq were selected to attend the school, including activists and university students, out of 76 shortlisted candidates; through a selection process that dates back to April, 2016.
RCMD announced the call for applicants in April, where 1500 applications have been received, then the filtration process started, and concluded mid-June by settling on the final participants.
The school achieved number of outcomes, mainly, drafting five initiatives, involving, establishing dialogue and coexistence workshops involving establishing Christian and Muslim youth, local early warning networks, and holding conflict transformation workshops.
It is noteworthy that most participants showed interest on the topics of the school and asked for intensive training workshops on more specific topics like conflict analysis, negotiation, mediation, and early warning.
RCMD has offered technical support to whomever works on an initiative in their respective communities, as well as the possibility of internship for the most active participants, so they can do voluntary work in RCMD.


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